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Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Times

Mentoring, Spiritual Guidance, 

Integration, Ceremony, Workshops

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Patricia James is a Medicine Woman and cross cultural expert. Her focus is on bridging ancient wisdom with our contemporary times, bringing practical application to the Mystical, and to weaving a new ‘Braided Way’ to live life well.

Patricia maintains a private practice in the Bay Area that focuses on Psycho-Spiritual Mentoring, Integration, Teaching, Speaking, group and individual workshops. She provides ritual based Ceremonies.

She is of Seminole heritage, and a traditionally trained Cheyenne Pipe Carrier and Priest. Initiated in multiple indigenous spiritual traditions, Patricia has studied Wisdom practices and trained in modern healing modalities such as Breathwork for nearly 3 decades.

Patricia’s work is informed by her mentorship with Basque cross cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, Cheyenne Grandfather, Eugene Blackbear, Sr., and work with the elders of multiple psycho spiritual modalities. She compliments this knowledge with over 2 decades of Public Administration experience.

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